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Noorvan MP

Hello, Bonjour, Good Day. My name is Noorvan MP or you can call me Ovan. I was born in East Borneo, July 22nd, 1979. I am the oldest in my family. Frankly, i graduated from Gadjah Mada University in 2004. I am also a photographer, English Tutor, Web Developer, Web Designer, Computer Design, Hardware, etc. My Home Based in Indonesia & Australia. Seorang Pembuat Website dan Lain-lain. A Self-Taught or Autodidact. Seorang pembelajar yang belajar sendiri.

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Easy - Simple - Beauty

BCA Bank Account

Account Number : 782516 7781 Swift Code CENAIDJA/Noorvan Mardi Prasetyo

BNI Bank Account

Account Number : 058340 4328/Noorvan Mardi Prasetyo

Mandiri Bank Account

Account Number : 149 00 1099323 8/Noorvan Mardi Prasetyo

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